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Vision, Mission and Objectives


  • To be the best center in evaluation and quality assurance among higher education institutions at the national and global levels in terms of carrying out its tasks in developing the university.
  • To secure excellence and accreditation positions for the university locally and internationally.
  • To seek winning certificates and awards.


Within the context of the university mission, the mission of the Center is to achieve the following:

  • To continuously evaluate the university's various units and prepare them for accreditation.
  • To meet the quality assurance national, regional and global commitments.
  • To disseminate the culture of quality.
  • To lead a sustainable development process of academic and institutional performance.


  1. To implement the university’s quality, excellence and accreditation policies and programs.
  2. To prepare and publish prospectuses, standards and indicators of the Total quality system.
  3. To publish the university quality assurance performance forms.
  4. To provide the necessary support for the university faculties and units in order to establish the internal units of quality assurance systems.
  5. To adopt all the necessary procedures to prepare the university for internal and external academic accreditation.
  6. To assist faculties by providing technical support, so that they are prepared to apply for internal and external accreditation of their academic programs.
  7. To disseminate the culture of quality and to explain its advantages through all available means, such as lectures, seminars, publications, bulletins etc.
  8. To prepare reports and consultations aiming at improving performance, continuous improvement and optimal utilization of resources to be submitted to the university decision maker.
  9. To support continuous training for faculty members and other university staff in various fields in cooperation with the Center for Professional Development.
  10. To cooperate with relevant authorities locally, regionally and internationally, and to benefit from such cooperation in the development of the university