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  1. The University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences aims to be, by success granted by Allah, a leading Islamic cultural and intellectual institution.
  2. To generate knowledge in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Quran.
  3. To promote scientific research and authenticate sciences to comply with latest developments.
  4. To contribute effectively to developing and shaping the Sudanese community and in turn to sustainability of civilization contribution to the Islamic nation.
  5. To disseminate the message, values and principles which express the nation identity among humanity.


The mission of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences is manifest in realizing the following:

  • To emphasize the nation identity.
  • To teach the Holy Quran, Sunnah and their sciences
  • To teach Arabic Language and its literature, religion and community sciences.
  • To study the Islamic heritage.
  • To enrich the Sudanese life with the fundamentals of Islamic and human civilization for the benefit of communities.
    • To focus on scientific research of social nature through Islamic intellectual principles which are capable of dealing with contemporary issues.

Values and Principles

The values and principles of the U of HQIS are based upon the values and principles deduced from the Holy Quran and Sunnah. The most important values are:

  1. Faithfulness: The University seeks to establish this value in its employees in order to promote work quality.
  2. Excellence and Mastery: The University seeks to establish these values to obtain the highest achievement in excellence and quality assurance.
  3. Transparency: The University is committed to clarify faithfully any information, data, policies and procedures required by the persons in charge.
  4. Cooperation and Social Solidarity: The University seeks to establish these values in order to strengthen social relationships among employees and to consolidate their unity.
  5. Justice and Equality: The University is committed to establish them in order to allow all employees to enjoy their full rights in return of performing their duties to achieve job satisfaction.
  6. Shura (Advice) and Consultation: The University adopts these values as a method to be followed in order to broaden space for opinions and participation for all levels of administration. The employees are also committed to exchange advice and consultation among themselves.
  7. Innovation & Creativity: The University encourages its employees to innovate in all fields to achieve development through Islamic and intellectual principles which deal positively with contemporary issues.


  1. To develop an outstanding graduate who is excelled at the field of specialization to convey the mission of the university to the community and to contribute to leading the community towards welfare.
  2. To prepare an experienced researcher in the field of specialization and acquainted with contemporary basics of the Islamic knowledge.
  3. To establish specialist scientific research centers to provide local and foreign institutions with innovated and unprecedented scientific researches.
  4. To form teams of specialized research groups to address the requirements of scientific research.
  5. To place the university staff at the fore front of intellectuals and scientific leaders who are capable of taking part efficiently in handling the important issues of the community and public service.
  6. To raise the university to the highest levels of quality and excellence.
  7. To contribute effectively to establishing comprehensive civilization renaissance of the nation derived from the mission of higher education.
  8. To direct the educational process for the service of Islam and its teachings that call for unity, building and development.
  9. To update the quality and structure of the educational system to comply with community requirements and latest developments.
  10. To serve humanities with all that can promote mankind.
  11. To authenticate knowledge, emphasize the status of Arabic language and pay due attention to other languages.
  12. To contribute to the service of the community and reinforce its values.
  13. To attend socially to the welfare of students including their accommodation.
  14. To attend to students’ cultural, intellectual and sport activities and to develop their mental abilities in order to prepare a generation that is aware and capable of assuming responsibility with wide vision towards future requirements.
  15. To participate with Higher education in establishing peace awareness in order to guarantee justice based on satisfying the needs of individuals.