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The University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences ActDownload
Regulations for Organization of the University Council’s workDownload
Regulations of Faculty of Graduate StudiesDownload
Examination RegulationsDownload
Promotion Regulations for Academic StaffDownload
Student Affairs RegulationsDownload
The University Branches Boards of Trustees RegulationsDownload
Deanship of Students’ Affairs Council StatuteDownload
Center for Professional Development and Quality Assurance StatuteDownload
The Holy Quran and the Sunnah Research Center StatuteDownload
Regulations for Financial Support of Academic Staff External ParticipationsDownload
Guidelines for the Formation of Boards of Faculties and DepartmentsDownload
Regulations for Student TransferDownload
Regulations for Teaching hours of Academic StaffDownload
Work Regulations and Penalties of Employees of Higher Education and Scientific Research InstitutionsDownload
Regulations for National Civil ServiceDownload