The establishment of the department of information Systems came in response to meeting the increasing needs of the local community to computer technologies, and to contribute effectively to development plans in our country. The decision was issued by the Senate of the University at meeting No. 3/2008 AD approving the establishment of the Department of Information Systems, where it was attached to the then Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The Department began receiving students and teaching according to its plan of study that was approved by the Senate in 1429-1430 H, corresponding to 2008-2009 AD.


- To be one of the outstanding departments in Informatics and to contribute to the development plan in our country through preparation of qualified graduates with high efficiency in dealing with information systems and its relevant practical and theoretical aspects to work at technology sector.

- To develop graduates equipped with handling skills, knowledge of modern analysis, designing and programming methods, as well as distinguished by rapid decision-making ability in order to address problems in a scientific and practical manner leading to output that would serve information systems discipline.


- To provide a scientific principles-based education in the areas of computer information systems and applications to meet the requirements of labor market for all sectors and different levels.

- To develop highly qualified graduates through commitment to high teaching and research standards.

In addition to the objectives of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, the department of Information Systems aims to develop specialists in:

- Computers

- Programming in administrative, accounting and commercial sciences.

- Systems analysis and design.

- Database

- Management of software development.

- Management of information centers.

The specialty integrates the solutions offered by information technology and administrative processes for project implementation. Specialists in this area focus on information provided by the computer system to assist administrative programs, projects and processes in determining the organization's goals for application, promotion and use of information technology in administrative work. A specialist in information systems should therefore be capable of understanding technical factors and organizational factors so that he/she can identify problems, analyze and design a system capable of meeting organizations and individual needs.

The department covers most of information systems research areas such as system analysis and design, software development, project management, decision support systems, management information systems and management of computer and information centers.

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