Department of Public Administration was established in 1991 within the Faculty of Sharia to provide the government institutions and public organizations with qualified graduates to convey the message of Islam and dissemination of its values


The Faculty of Administrative Sciences aims to lead an intellectual and applied authentication in the field of Public Administration through application of the values ​​of Islam in contemporary administrative practice.


The mission of the department is represented in contributing contemporary theory and practice to Administration discipline form the prospective of Islamic values. It is also represented in supporting students to understand and adopt this content to be reflected in their behaviors and opinions.

1. To develop qualified and trustworthy graduates to convey the message of Islam and to disseminate its values.

2. To contribute to authentication of administration discipline by conducting scientific research addressing administrative issues and linking them to Islam.

3. To develop a new educational strategy capable of discovering and fostering creativity and innovation in students, help them solve their own problems, and deal with administrative problems they face at different organizations.

4. To develop Islamic orientation for curricula.

5. To motivate and encourage the academic staff towards development in the context of total quality.

6. To provide scientific consultations.

1. Bachelor degree in Public Administration (Hons).      

2. Three- year Diploma in Business Administration.

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