Prof. Ahmed Saeed Salman, Vice Chancellor of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences, signed agreements of scientific cooperation with five Egyptian universities (Benha University, Suez Canal University, Beni Suef University, and University of Sadat City.

The agreements were signed within the framework of the first forum of Egyptian- Sudanese Universities organized by the Central Administration for International Students Affairs in cooperation with Ain Shams University on 19 - 20 February. The event was honored with the attendance of Dr. Sadiq Al Hadi Al- Mahdi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Abd Al-Ghaffar, the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, and participation of 37 Sudanese universities and a number of Egyptian universities.

Prof. Salman said that the agreements included cooperation in all fields, including exchange of professors, researchers, students, organizing lectures, conferences and workshops, research projects, exchange of information, enhancing academic cooperation in community service programs and continuing education.

The Forum issued a number of recommendations, including:

- Establishing a committee for following up outputs and implementing recommendations.

- Organizing annual scientific forum for the Egyptian and Sudanese universities.

 - Establishment of a scientific research Fund between Egyptian and Sudanese universities under supervision of the Ministries of Higher Education in both countries

- Establishing projects between the Egyptian and Sudanese universities in corresponding disciplines to meet actual needs.

- Establishing a network that will identify challenges and create innovative solutions in the fields of health, medicine, engineering, energy, water, and food industry.

- Signing bilateral or multilateral agreements for effective cooperation in sustainable curriculum development.

-  Facilitating certificates equivalency evaluation procedures between institutions of higher education in Egypt and Sudan.

- Establishment of an association for graduates of Egyptian and Sudanese universities

- Organizing sports and cultural activities at the level of the Egyptian and Sudanese universities to strengthen friendly ties.

- Providing certified training opportunities for graduates of medical and health colleges at centers and hospitals.

- Establishment of an integrated system for expatriates from both countries to electronically link universities in registration, admission and providing services.

- Exchange of scientific and medical convoys.

- Technological entrepreneurship in Egyptian and Sudanese universities in Pharmacy and Space.

-  Establishment of joint databases for scientific research in both countries.