Mr. Issam Al-Deen Saeed Abd-AL-Qadir Hamad, Registrar of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Quran and Islamic Sciences has been awarded PhD degree from the Department of Da’wah and Information, Faculty of Graduate Studies, U of HQIS through a research thesis entitled " The Impact of Training in Applying Total Quality on Public Relations Programs in Sudanese Banks, 2014-2017”

The researcher pointed out to the importance of the study, saying: “Despite the availability of studies that dealt with public relations in general, researchers have not yet addressed such area and there are no previous studies that aimed at studying the impact of training in achieving total quality of public relations programs in banks.

Regarding the objectives of the study, Mr. Saeed said that the study aimed at investigating the functions and communication methods used in achieving total quality of public relations programs in banks, studying elements of training and total quality to be reported to senior management and thus become acquainted with the public’s assessment of banks’ performance.

The study came up with a number of recommendations: It recommended that banks’ senior management (decision makers) should be patient and endeavor to achieve total quality management in order to realize competitive advantage by building organizational structure of banks in the best ways that would achieve quality performance efficiency and process improvement. The study also pointed to the need of paying due attention to the importance of applying training and total quality standards through training courses and programs that would provide employees with the necessary information, skills and knowledge that support application of TQM standards. Finally, the study recommended encouragement of workers to submit proposals related to development and improvement of total quality.