Deanship of Student Affairs organized an honoring ceremony for students who participated in the Fifth Student Creativity Festival at Al-Shuhada Hall under the theme "A leader Student for a promising Country" and was honored by representative of the university, Dr. Sirr Al-Khatim Othman Al-Ameen. Dr. Samia Tawfeeq, Principal of the Female- Student Center, Dr. Yahiya Adam Elias, Director of Student Guidance, and a number of representatives of departments and units, teaching staff members and participation of male and female- students in the festival.

The representative of the university's director confirmed the support of the university administration to the activities of the Deanship and students' creativity. He also appreciated the great efforts and achievements achieved by students at all cultural, social and sports activities at the level of the Sudanese State universities. He added that such activities and programs would help in developing students' academic level as well as the university academic standard curricula. Prof. Sirr Al-Khatim further stressed that the program of the Student Guidance department will be an accredited academic program by the university Senate and academic councils as he called for converting the Holy Quran presentation program to a Da'wah creative week in coordination with the deanship of Student Affairs and the Deanship of the Holy Quran. Prof. Sirr Al-Khatim finally expressed his thanks to the deanship of Student Affairs for organizing such a successful program.

On his part, Dean of Student Affairs appreciated the great achievement achieved by students at the cultural and sports competitions events, noting that honoring students is a pride and motivation for students and encouragement for them towards further creativity achievements and securing more advanced positions in all fields. He also expressed his thanks to the University administration for its continuing efforts for supporting the Deanship's activities and projects as well as supporting students at all events.


On her part, director of the Female- Student Center promised to offer funds and prizes to the winners among both male and female students, stressing her willingness to provide sponsoring, care and encouragement to outstanding students to participate in such activities.

At the end of the ceremony, male and female participants were honored for achieving advanced positions at a number of cultural, scientific, social and sports activities, most notably the Holy Quran, sports, documentaries, theater and handicrafts.