The Higher Committee for Academic Competition held an honoring ceremony for outstanding students in the academic competitions at Ashuhadda Hall under the auspices of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Abd Al- Qadir Al-Firjabi and was honored by Prof. Ahmed Saeed Salman, the Vice Chancellor of the University and presence of Prof. Muawiya Ahmed Sayyid Ahmed, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Abbas Hamid Al-Aalim, Principal, Dr. Abd Allah Abd AL-Hai, Secretary of Academic Affairs, representative for the Ministry of Social Affairs of Khartoum State, Dr. Samia Tawfeeq Principal of Female-Students Center, Mr. Saeed Mohamed Ali, head of the Higher Committee and a number of deans of faculties and heads of administrative departments and teaching staff members, a number of officials, specialists, media bodies and participation of students in academic competitions.

In his speech, Prof. Ahmed Said Salman stated that the aim of the competition is not to receive awards, but to benefit from valuable academic information and knowledge. He added that contestants' participation in such competitions reflects a great interest in seeking knowledge where he expressed his thanks to Dr. Al-Firjabi for his efforts and sponsorship of these competitions as for providing scientific knowledge that serves Islamic communities. Prof. Salman also appreciated efforts exerted by the Faculty of Community and the Higher Committee in organizing the ceremony as well as in serving the community and thanked the Ministry of Social and Cultural Affairs for their cooperation and interest in such activities as he expressed his thanks to all those who contributed to the success of these competitions.

On his part, Sheikh Dr. Al-Firjabi announced their readiness to inaugurate the academic competition entitled "Islamic Culture" and called on all those present to participate in it and benefit from the academic and religious knowledge provided. He expressed his happiness to the university administration and the Faculty of Community to contribute to the success of the academic competitions as he expressed his thanks to all participants. 

At the end of the ceremony, the winners were honored and prizes were awarded to the outstanding students in the academic competitions. It is worth mentioning that the number of contestants at the academic competitions for this year was 1400 contestants of imams, Muslim preachers, teaching staff members, male-teachers, female-teachers and male and female students. The number of prizes awarded to outstanding students was 45. The ceremony also witnessed honoring Sheikh Dr. Firjabi, and Prof. Ahmed Saeed Salman the Vice Chancellor of the University.